Facebook Week: Tempero and Conversocial

Conversocial is a splinky software tool that helps make Facebook pages manageable.

Social media management company Tempero has wrapped a moderation service around it, ensuring that the right person with an organisation responds to what guests are saying/asking on Facebook pages.

Which is pretty powerful – a tool to manage, and a mediator to ensure that companies really do engage.

It’s still down to the company/organisation to decide what action to take, but as a lot of the legwork and perameters are set from day one, this has to make life easier, and must ensure that Facebook page guests are well looked after – no missed posts allowed as excuses. So whilst it wouldn’t avoid a situation blowing up where responses are inappropriate, it should reduce that risk by ensuring that responses are in the right hands, promptly.

It’s not just about brand protection – answering questions, letting people know about promotions, sharing fun stuff: it’s a tool and service that I think should increase positive engagement.

And the press release is here: Tempero Teams with Conversocial to Provide Advanced Facebook Page Management for the First Time

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