Facebook Fortnight: Facebook FIR Live

So Facebook Week spread over to become Facebook Fortnight thanks to my techno-misery.

Hobson and Holtz Report

Saturday’s Hobson & Holtz FIR (For Immediate Release) Live talk on Blog Talk Radio is worth a listen – a debate around sending people to a Facebook page rather than to a website as a tactic/strategy.

The panel:

Steve Rubel, Senior VP and Director of Insights, Edelman Digital, who wrote about the trend in his March column for Forbes.com

Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford Motor Company, which will use traditional advertising to drive consumers to a Ford Explorer page on Facebook

Jennifer Cohen, co-founder and president of Something Creative LLC, which ran a Facebook-focussed campaign for Uniball

Dominic Sparkes, Tempero, the social media management company which has recently added a  formalised a Facebook moderation/management service based around new (Conversocial) software to its portfolio of services.

You have to get past the US-focussed diet ad and stumble at the beginning, but it’s not long, and  the content is worth the short delay.

The links are here:


and part two (resumption after a small technical hitch)


(Sadly part two has the ad as well!)

Claire Thompson, Freelance PR Consultant, Waves PR

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  • By Neville Hobson, August 16, 2010 @ 9:54 pm

    Thanks for the write-up, Claire. We did have the gremlins at the beginning!

    A better way for your readers to listen to the show is the single recording that we published as an FIR podcast. With no ads!


  • By claireatwaves, August 17, 2010 @ 12:32 am

    Brilliant – thank you: much, much easier to access.

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