Shrove Tuesday Shannanigans

Claire Thompson, freelance PR consultant, Waves PR

OK - I know it's clip art, but it fits :-)

I was about to say ‘how could a simple religious tradition cause so many problems?’ Then I thought about it, and realised the error of my ways.

So: who’d have thought a fun pancake race could be such a hotbed of gossip and foul play?

Vocal tweeters queued to reveal the dark side of the annual frivolity:

Warren Swaine, Web developer, Arsenal fanzine editor and Lib Dem councillor in Reading. Twitter handle: @waswasere

Yes, see I’ve been sacked yet it was Fred Pugh nor me who dropped the pancake #toryfail ;0)

( He came clean later and admitted that Graham Hoskin ran the fastest leg, presumably earning him his place)


Wonder if Post will airbrush the #rdg Chronicle logo out of piccies again!

Tom Canning, local news and web media product manager and recent buyer of house. Twitter handle: @tomcanning83

Very unhappy with last minute rule changes in today’s #rdg pancake race. That is obviously why we lost and not because we were rubbish!


Fix I tell you. I’m fuming. Going to write to the mayor. #rdg

Infighting was revealed at the Evening Post when ace journalist Leigh Mencarini (Journalist; a creative type who’s moved about a bit. Likes to write/ draw/ paint/ design and almost plays a guitar. Twitter handle LeMencs) revealed that she wasn’t necessarily wishing her team victory and triumph:

high hopes for this afternoon. not for victory… for another spectacular broad street tumble 🙂

Can’t wait to see the pictures. Who’d have thought it?

Funds from frivolities are going to Sue Ryder Care)


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