Seedcamp finalists ‘brown bag’ it

Claire Thompson, Waves PR

There’s nothing like a deadline to sharpen the mind. At various points this week I have started three or four posts and not finished them. I have one on a terrific German entrepreneurs event two weeks ago which merely needs finishing and linking.

Meanwhile, my Twitter account needs some attention, the Twestival UK twitter account needs some lists created and ‘follow backs’ sorting. To say nothing of promoting my own business.

But time has overtaken me, and I have but a few short hours before my deadline. Because tomorrow the Seedcamp winners 2009 meet in the Gumtree/PayPal/eBay HQ in Richmond (London) for a ‘brown bag’ session.

Now from this point in the blog, I confess to lifting the rest of words here from those sent to me, with little more than a tarting up, in order to save time. It’s not great. I apologise to those who deserved better attention than this, But I will, at least, be fulfilling a promise to create this blog.

Because the teams meeting tomorrow are some of Europe’s hottest startups, and beat over 21 European finalists to land investment and three months in London from the Seedcamp fund. They will each be presenting their web apps and taking Q&A’s which should, in turn, help them further develop their products. And they should, additionally, receive free and voluntary mentoring from others attending the event.

Seedcamp is a programme created to jumpstart the entrepreneurial community in Europe by connecting next generation developers and entrepreneurs with over 400 mentors. Seedcamp acts as a microseed fund to invest in startup companies to the tune of between €30-50k. Following Seedcamp Week, the companies who receive investment stay in London for three months to grow and develop their company, building key and lasting business relationships along the way to help them sustain a viable business.

So here are some of the stars we expect to see tomorrow:

Codility – Codility provides automated on-line programming tests which reduce the costs of hiring software developers by up to 90%.

Branient – Branient helps video publishers monetize on the increasingly growing video content market through a mix of advertising, interactivity and affiliate marketing.

Kwaga – Kwaga helps manage essential email information. It adds a message screening layer without disturbing the existing email environment, allowing meeting requests, deadlines, commitments, and telephone numbers to be seen in an entirely simpler way.

Patients Know Best – The PatentsKnowBest website allows patients to manage their health care by working with their clinical team. Customers (already) include Bupa and Cambridge University’s Hospital.

ERPLY – ERPLY is a software as a service (SaaS) provider for commercial retail inventory and e-commerce that handles data across several sales locations, online stores and offices and provides real-time dashboards with relevant data.

Boxed Ice and Talasim were also named winners.

With thanks to Desigan Chinniah, web consultant, innovator & geek, whose words I cribbed as the basis for this blog. I promise to be a better blogger and report back well before Christmas!

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